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Roysen Engineering Pty Ltd

Excellence In Australian Engineering

Established in 1958, Roysen Engineering is a wholly Australian family owned and operated general engineering company.  Specializing in precision repetition engineering,  Roysen Engineering employs a variety of skilled and dedicated staff within its expansive facility located in Mordialloc, Melbourne, Australia..

Precision repetition engineering and so much more...

Roysen specialise in CNC turning and milling, precision engineering and repetition engineering. 
We manufacture & machine working with materials such as metal sheet, tube or bar composed of alloy, steel, stainless steel brass and more.
Roysen is able to assist with design and product development.  We can provide a consultation service to work with you to design your new product or component from the very beginning or become involved later in the design process.  Alternatively we can engineer to your specifications as per your drawings or designs. 
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Drilling & sawing


CNC Milling & Turning

Precision machining


Small and large volume runs

55+ years of experience

Australian owned & operated

Robotic Welding

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Owned and operated by the third generation of the same family, Roysen Engineering continues to grow and find new areas in the markplace to use its expertise.  While many local engineering businesses have closed their doors or taken manufacturing offshore, Roysen continues to find new work to keep the business local.   Local production means a quick turn around for our customers and the ease of working